JetManager is the business aviation software solution.


One and Done Automation


With 30+ years of experience in the industry, we partnered with other top class professionals to come up with a common sense solution to aviation management. Enter your data points in JetManager once and watch the software work — or, walk away and get other work done.

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Situational Awareness

With all data sets at your fingertips, you’ll always have an answer to: "What's our status?"

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Data in real-time

Enter data directly in to the database and see updates in real time.

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Encrypted Storage

Host in our cloud, or your own data center, either way your data will be stored securely.

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Display and work on several data sources at the same time. With our real-time push technology, new data appears automatically.

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Task Automation

Create workflows and patterns for recurring tasks — then enable JetManager Task Automation and watch the system work for you.

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Sixth Sense

JetManager Sixth Sense analyzes your datasets and its relations in real-time and will offer optimization suggestions.


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