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Remove friction. Add common sense.
If your software makes your life more difficult - stop using it! We built JetManager because we believe that software should help you getting the job done better and faster. Data should be entered only once, then let the system „work" with it.

We strive for innovative, common sense solutions. JetManager was developed in cooperation with many industry professionals - we built it with the users, not for the users.

We believe that good software should take away manual, repetitive tasks from you, so you are free again to focus on the more important things. Last but not least, access to more data will allow you to look at a problem from different angles. This will enable you to see the big picture (in real time!) and to make better decisions.
Our Features
Situational Awareness
The question "what's our status?" will be one you will be able to answer very quickly from now on.
Data in real-time
Get rid of paper - all data will be entered directly into the database and will give you situational awareness in real time.
Encrypted Storage
Run the system in our cloud or in your own data center. With our encrypted database, your data will be stored securely.
Display and work on several data sources at the same time. With our real-time push technology, new data will appear automatically without the need to reload.
Task Automation
Set up workflows and patterns for recurring tasks in your operation. Then enable JetManager Task Automation and watch the system working for you!
Sixth Sense
JetManager Sixth Sense analyzes your datasets and its relations in real-time and will present you with suggestions you probably haven't seen.

JetManager dashboard and multi-tasking capability
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